Saturday, July 21, 2012


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A dramatic car crash in Dudley, England, was captured on surveillance footage Sunday, showing a man being ejected from the vehicle through the sunroof — landing face-first on someone’s lawn.

Incredibly, the passenger managed to prop himself up, pull down his shirt and walk away seemingly unscathed.

Howard Hamilton, whose home security camera recorded the wreck, told the Express & Star newspaper Tuesday that he had installed the device precisely because of speeding motorists.

The car landed in the front garden of his home at about 10:30 p.m.

“He was flung from the car like a rag doll and it is amazing no one was more badly hurt,” said Hamilton, 75. “A woman got out of the car and they were hugging each other. It was like they couldn’t believe they were still alive.”

Hamilton told The Sun newspaper that his camera had previously caught people swiping the mat from his home’s front door — but nothing close to what landed on his lawn on Sunday .

“When I checked the footage back it just confounded my amazement — their car just somersaulted and the man comes flying out the sunroof,” he said.

jonmillsswns Remarkably, neither the passenger nor driver were badly injured in the crash.


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  2. The man who flipped out from the car should consider himself lucky after coming out unscathed from that accident. Just look at what the car looked like after it! Some people aren’t so lucky. And the situation would have been worse if there was another party involved in the accident.

    @Grayson Ford